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How well do you really know Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice? We have created one of the most challenging and informative Jane Austen trivia quizzes available to help you find out!

FonQuiz’s Pride and Prejudice Quiz Game is a fun and educational quiz for students, scholars, and Jane Austen fans. It is designed both to give literature lovers a challenging trivia quiz and to give English students an informative and interactive study guide. For each question, there is not only a correct answer but also an explanation to help you learn more about this literary classic.

The FonQuiz Pride and Prejudice Quiz Game is made up of four game levels totaling more than 85 study and trivia questions. There are easy, medium, and difficult levels about the book, as well as a level about Jane Austen’s biography.

iPhone app | Android app | Kindle e-book


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